Upgrading WL-700gE flash to 8MB

You know, WL-700gE has only 2MB of flash on the board. It's too small to flash complete firmware to the device itself, what's why original firmware only has a kernel and initial loader in the flash itself. The rest is being loaded from the HDD on startup.

As I've my own firmware for the bunch of WL-500g router series I've decided to upgrade built in flash up to 8MB to match WL-500g Premium size. In fact, both WL-500gP and WL-700gE seems to be a twins: the PCBs is mostly identical near the CPU. Even component labels are the same.

So, the idea is simple: just replace the flash and surroundings with things similar to WL-500g Premium.

What do you need to perform a mod?

Doing it

Done! It should now looks like below (well, the RAM is also doubled in size):

Using it

Once you've completed this you will have to reflash firmware to your device. You could also use my firmware labeled WL700g (as it would finally fit to flash).


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Posted: 2008-01-28