Upgrading WL-500g Premium, WL-500W and WL-700gE RAM to 128 MB

The goal of this mod is to increase built in memory up to 128MB to be able run more services on the router without the expense of accessing slow swap, etc. Beware, that this mod requires very strong soldering skills! And usual disclaimer: do it on your own risk to brick the router completely.

What do you need to perform a mod?

The easiest way to get chips (and perhaps cheap) is to remove them from the PC2700/PC3200 DIMM or SO-DIMM: at the moment we've checked the following parts: Please note, that Hynix is least preferred. Also, avoid using Infineon chips. The problem is that PCB is not ideally traced and has some noise UDQS line coming to U4, resulting in memory errors (see below).

Doing it

Activating 128MB with known good memory

You need this everytime you perform a reset to defaults...
nvram set sdram_init=0x0011
nvram set sdram_ncdl=0
nvram commit

Testing device memory

Type these lines to start testing:
cd /tmp
wget http://oleg.wl500g.info/bin/memtest
chmod +x memtest
./memtest 16m
Note, that memtest at most could only pin half of device memory at a time. Replace 16m with 64m for 128MB of RAM.


Do not mail me directly, use wl500g.info forum instead.


WL-700gE with Samsung chips and 8MB flash

WL-500gP with Samsung and Hynix chips at the same time

Samsung chip does not need caps on this PCB...

Posted: 2008-02-10